What Causes Dry Mouth and How Do I Prevent It?

Do you suffer from dry mouth? Did you know that dry mouth syndrome, or xerostomia, is an actual medical condition? Saliva production is integral to cleansing the mouth and food digestion, as well as for warding off bacteria that may grow in the mouth. Failure to produce saliva creates a dry mouth and discomfort, while… Read more »

Are You a Suitable Candidate for Dental Implants?

Periodontal, gum disease and tooth decay are rampant in this country, and millions suffer tooth loss that could be prevented. If you have experienced tooth loss or are facing extractions, you may believe that dentures are your only option. Talk to your dentist about an alternative to dentures and bridges: dental implants. Are you a… Read more »

Effective Methods to Help Prevent Tooth Decay

It is important to maintain oral health practices that fight tooth decay in order to preserve your own teeth and prevent gum disease as you age. If you are concerned that you are not doing enough to protect your teeth from the pain and price of tooth decay, take a closer look at your own… Read more »

The Truth Behind Some Common Flossing Myths

Are some common flossing myths keeping you from regular and routine flossing in your oral health care regimen? Don’t let these unfounded rumors be the reason you experience bad breath, receding gums, and periodontal disease. Talk to your dentist about the many advantages of regular, daily flossing, as well as the best way for you… Read more »

5 Tips to Help You Adjust to Your New Dentures

It’s perfectly normal for it to take some time for you to adjust to your new dentures. If this is your first time getting dentures, or you’re adjusting to a new pair after a long time, here are five ways to make the process go smoothly. 1. Get Them Properly Fitted Ill-fitting dentures can cause… Read more »

Ouch! Cold Weather Can Cause Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity during cold weather is not a coincidence; you may experience an increase in sensitivity during winter or when temperatures dip. The best thing to do if you notice discomfort or pain is to see your dental provider. Got a toothache or pain? Cold weather can cause tooth sensitivity. Cold and Cavities When your… Read more »

How Your Dentist Can Help You Get A Better Night’s Sleep

What is the relationship between your Dentist and Sleep? Well, your dentist may be able to pinpoint various causes of sleep disturbances and disorders that could be interfering with you getting a good night’s rest. Before you sign up for a sleep study or check yourself in to a clinic, consider some other ways to… Read more »

Protect Your Teeth with Good Oral Habits this Holiday Season

It’s important to maintain your oral health year-round, but with sticky and sweet foods around every corner during the holiday season, it can be hard to make sure that your teeth are your number one priority, especially when dessert time comes around. That’s why it’s especially important to take care of your teeth during the… Read more »

Dental Dilemma: Common Dental Issues and What To Do About Them

Do you know the signs of some common dental issues? Seeing your dentist every six to twelve months is the first step in preventing problems through early detection and regular cleaning. Consider these common dental issues and dilemmas: Your teeth are sensitive. Tooth sensitivity is not unusual, and, in fact, it impacts millions of people… Read more »

What are the Risk Factors for Oral Cancer?

Believe it or not, oral cancer is a fairly common issue that can be treated when detected early. This reinforces the importance of seeing your dental provider at least once a year, but ideally every six months. It is estimated that around 35,000 people contract oral cancer each year, which makes this a pressing health… Read more »