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Have you ever thought about getting into better shape? Have you ever decided to exercise more because you’re hoping to lose weight or because you’re interested in following a healthier lifestyle? If so, would you be surprised to hear that exercising can actually improve your smile’s health?

As you may have heard, it’s important to deal with problems like gum disease as soon as you can. If you don’t, you might have to cope with more serious problems, including persistent bad breath, sensitive or swollen gums, shifting teeth, and tooth loss.

Again, please remember that exercise can make you more likely to have gum disease. If you exercise three or more times a week, you’ll reduce your odds of getting gum disease by about half. Furthermore, if you choose to exercise three days a week, you’ll actually be 30% less likely to have gum disease. If you aren’t interested in exercising or aren’t sure how to start, we recommend starting by doing something you enjoy. For example, you could consider playing a favorite sport, power walking, jogging, or swimming. If you’d like more specific advice, we invite you to contact your doctor.

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