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If you have a stain, discoloration, decay, or other small defect on your tooth, then a dental bonding procedure may be the answer for you! This simple process to preserve the natural tooth is a very simple, cosmetic treatment. Dr. Charles Anderson and our professional staff want to provide you with the best smile through the treatment of a dental bonding.

It’s plain to see why dentists and patients everywhere like the procedure of a dental bonding due to its inexpensive methods and easy process. Scheduling a consultation with your dentist is the first step to dental bonding. There, you will determine which treatment is best for your smile such as dental bonding.

Your dentist will use a swatch to decide which color best matches your teeth to select a composite resin placement. They will prepare the tooth by roughening the top of the tooth, lightly coat it with conditioning liquid, and then place the bonding material (tooth-colored resin) will be contoured to the shape of your tooth. A special ultraviolet light then cures it for about a minute.

After it has solidified, your dentist will cut away excess material and polish the tooth down. A checkup appointment may be needed to look at the bonding and ensure its comfortability. Give Anderson Dentistry - Mt Pleasant Dentist a call at 843-884-2021 today for a consultation or appointment. Our team here in Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, want to give you your best smile!