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Did you know there are flossing hacks that can help you have a proper and effective flossing routine? Well, it’s true. It’s best to use these hacks so you can keep your smile and oral health in tip-top shape. Our dentist, Dr. Charles Anderson, is happy to help you by telling you all about those hacks. They are:

-Use a gentle sawing motion: If you use this technique to push the floss between the teeth, it reduces your chances of forcing the floss into place and damaging the gums.

-Use flossing tools that are easy to maneuver: Flossing can be tough with hard-to-use tools. So, try to floss with easier tools, like flossing picks, water flossers or floss threaders, so you don’t harm the gums and so you have abetter flossing routine.

-Floss at least once a day: It’s vital to floss daily. If you don’t, plaque can build up and promote periodontal disease and tooth decay. Flossing daily removes the plaque and keeps your smile healthy and strong.

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