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Cavities are holes that develop in the teeth when tooth decay attacks. The decay can harm both the outer surface of the tooth, which is called the enamel, and the inner surface of the tooth, which is called the dentin. Typically, cavities form when you have poor oral hygiene, you forget to visit Dr. Charles Anderson every six months, and you eat many carbohydrates, like candy, cake, soda, bread, cereal, etc.

Some people believe only children suffer from cavities, but that’s not true. Adults can have cavities as well. Seniors are also likely to suffer from tooth decay because cavities form around older fillings, and the teeth are usually fragile because they didn’t take good care of their smiles while they were younger. You can usually tell you have a cavity if you have a toothache or sensitivity. When you eat and drink hot or cold products, your teeth usually sting. You can also tell you have a cavity by feeling or seeing a hole in your chomper. Usually, though, your dentist detects the cavity at your regular checkup.

There are many ways your cavity could be treated. Your dentist can restore the tooth with a dental filling made out of amalgam or composite resin. This is possible if the filling is small. If it’s a little more extensive, your dentist can use a dental crown. If this is not a good solution, he can provide a root canal treatment. If these options do not successfully restore the tooth, it will need to be pulled.

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