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When a tooth is lost to severe dental trauma, an untreated cavity or dental extraction, it can pose several complications. At first, you might be able to adjust to the change in your appearance, decreased ability to chew, and changes in the clarity of your speech. As time goes on, the structural loss in that area of your mouth can also cause the neighboring teeth to drift out of the correct alignment.

There are two different methods for permanently replacing the tooth’s presence in your mouth. This typically comes in the form of a dental crown mounted to a dental implant or a dental bridge fitted over the void.

If you’re uncomfortable with the timeframe and oral surgery required to restore the tooth with a dental implant, Dr. Charles Anderson might recommend a dental bridge restoration. This solid piece of dental work that essentially replicates the appearance of a natural tooth. It is fused to a pair of crowns on each end.

To do this, Dr. Charles Anderson will need to create a pair of anchoring abutments out of the two teeth neighboring the void. After using a drill to remove the tooth enamel from each of these teeth, our dentist will then take an impression of the area.

This will be sent to a special dental lab, where dental technicians will create your new dental bridge. At the end of the appointment, temporary crowns will be cemented over each abutment to protect them, while you await completion of your dental bridge.

We will call you in for a brief, second appointment when your bridge is ready. The temporary crowns will be removed and your dental bridge will be secured in place with a strong dental adhesive.

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