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A dental bridge is typically created from durable dental materials capable of rivaling the strength of natural tooth enamel. Yet it is still possible for a blow to the face, using your teeth as tools, or the force caused by grinding your teeth together to fracture a dental bridge.

Even if you don’t feel any immediate discomfort or distress, in the compromised dental work you should still have it examined Dr. Charles Anderson and the staff at his dental clinic. The longer you wait to seek professional treatment, the more likely you are to experience significant complications.

If a traumatic event has left unwanted debris in your mouth, you can gently rinse it away with saltwater. Any other cleaning procedures should be left the professionally trained hands of our staff at Anderson Dentistry - Mt Pleasant Dentist.

If you’re waiting for your appointment and you are very hungry you need to make every effort to avoid eating on that side of your mouth. Try to choose something soft like applesauce, yogurt, or a banana. The more you manipulate a damaged dental bridge the more likely you are to damage one of the anchoring abutments.

If you are in the Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, area and you have a chipped or fractured dental bridge, you should not delay in calling 843-884-2021 to have it examined and treated at Anderson Dentistry - Mt Pleasant Dentist.