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Natural tooth enamel has a certain white color and sheen. When a cavity develops on a tooth that is noticeable in your smile it can cause discomfort, while also proving to be unsightly. If the area of tooth decay is relatively small and limited to the tooth’s enamel layer, Dr. Charles Anderson and his team of staff specialists might be able to repair it and restore its appearance with a composite dental filling.

After examining the tooth in question to assess the severity of the tooth decay, we will numb the tooth and surrounding gums. Once you are comfortable, we will use a special dental drill to remove all traces of tooth decay. This will also create a smooth surface to bond the dental filling.

Composite dental fillings are a good option for repairing this type of cavity. They are made from a special type of dental grade plastic that can be shaded to match the existing tooth enamel. Once we have shaded and applied the composite material, we will use a special ultraviolet light to cure it This will effectively bond the dental filling to the surrounding tooth enamel.

If you live in the Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, area and you have a cavity on one of your front teeth, you should call 843-884-2021 to have it treated and repaired at Anderson Dentistry - Mt Pleasant Dentist.